Production (Boom-Bap Hip-Hop) 

Ranging from $500 to $1000 US for a beat chosen from my existing catalog. $1000 flat rate for a customized beat tailor made specifically for you the artist. 


Base price is $350 US per song. Rate is negotiable and will try to work within your budget. 

DJ Cutting/Scratching (Hooks for songs)

Rate is $100 US for every 8 bars of scratches (ex $200 for two 8 bar hooks, $300 if it includes an 8 bar outro). Discounts for multiple tracks can be discussed.

Feature Verses

$1000 US for a 16 bar verse. Price is negotiable and will try to work within your budget if possible.

Video Production

Starter Package: $500 US for a basic video, single location, two performance angles with b-roll. Traditionally edited (minimal to no effects).

Deluxe Package: $1000 US for performance mixed with conceptual (story). up to 3 locations, editing can include the appropriate effects based on the concept.

(Note: Packages include filming and editing only. Things such as extras, props, permits etc will need to be discussed in advance)